Three Ways to Stretch Inkjet Canvas Prints

This post will discuss three distinct methods may be used to elongate inkjet canvas prints. The three approaches will include using a canvas stretching machine, stretching canvas by hand and using a stretcher bar system.

Stretching canvas by hand could be a labor intensive and time consuming procedure, even for the professional that is seasoned, and totally frustrating to the beginner or intermediate user. Others will choose buying pre- and proceed from there. It can be quite time and labor intensive while stretching canvas by hand is visible by some as an art form.

Using a canvas stretching machine can be an extremely efficient method of stretching canvas. With this system, users can make their own stretcher bars or buy prefabricated bars. Using such a machine gets the labor out of the process virtually all.

Inkjet Canvas

This procedure is recommended for those businesses that have the volume to warrant the $3500 purchase, including gear and essential accessories.

Using a stretcher bar system can be experienced professional and quite simple for the beginner equally. It’s the happy medium between labour and price. Using prefabricated adhesive backed stretcher bars, with middle braces and corner pieces used to make the sailcloth instructed, and all other needed hardware provided in one bundle makes this procedure quite simple. The typical time to stretch a canvas is between fifteen minutes and five.

It generally takes longer to create a finished canvas using this system, while elongating by hand is visible by some as an art form.

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